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Becky Fischer

Becky Fischer has trained thousands of children, teens, parents, and children’s workers through conferences, Bible schools, mission trips, churches and resource materials. She is the author of the book Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century, Jesus Camp My Story, and three children’s books. She has also authored/co-authored ten unique and dynamic children’s church curriculums, many of which have been translated into more than nine different languages. Becky and her ministry was featured in the Oscar-nominated documentary film Jesus Camp in 2006.

Visit Becky’s Webiste

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Kim Bogart

Kim Bogart’s energy is contagious. She received her degree in education at the University of Oklahoma. She has created a program for kids at risk that received grant status and built a thriving children’s department in her local church. Kim trains and mobilizes literally thousands of people on behalf of vulnerable children every year both here and abroad. She works and trains in cooperation with a plethora of organizations which include Kidz At Heart International , World Relief , Jacksonville Children’s Commission , Billy Graham Evangelical Association and Group Publishing.

She founded Kim’s Open Door in 2013 and is committed to inspire,empower and mobilize quality community champions who serve kids at risk in all kinds of wonderful ways.

Visit Kim’s Website

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Sharon Minor

Sharon Miner is the Children’s Minister at Global Fire Church. Originally from Little Falls, NJ, Sharon studied at Southeastern College. She has been involved in Children’s Ministry for over fifteen years, serving churches in Florida and Alabama. Her passion is to see children know Jesus personally, move in the gifts of the Spirit and go forth in ministry in the power of the Spirit. She is gifted in teaching, ministry arts and leadership development. Children who have been raised up in her ministry are faithfully serving the Lord as teens and young adults.

Many of these young people have gone forth from her ministry to pursue full-time Children’s Ministry. Her passion for the Lord and children is contagious.

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Matt Shackleford

Matt Shackelford was born in Snellville, Georgia. He moved to Palmetto, Florida when he was ten years old and began attending Church On The Rock with his family. Matt attended Palmetto Christian School before graduating from Palmetto High School. He then attended Palmetto Master’s Commission for three years and graduated with his Ministerial License from Great Commission Ministerial Association. While attending COTR, Matt discovered his love and great talent for Children’s Ministry. He worked with children’s ministry and daycare for over eight years at COTR.

Matt & and is wife Nicole currently serve as the Youth & children’s pastors at Resonate Life Church in Bradenton.

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Brinson Baker

After graduating from Bible school, Brinson has served in  full time ministry for over 17 years with a heart to minister to people and reach the lost.  He has served in pastoral and evangelistic staff positions in both local churches and Para-church ministries. He and his family have lived and served as foreign and stateside missionaries for the last five years.  His missionary call has recently brought him back to the States with a fresh passion to serve and equip the church, as an evangelist, both at home and abroad.  He is involved in leadership in his local church, church network, and ministers in churches stateside and internationally. In 2017, He started LifeBridge Missions with a heart to equip, encourage, and inspire the body of Christ to engage the world around them with the gospel.

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Joe Brown Jr.

Pastor Joe Brown Jr. is a man who desires to spark a flame and see a world set on fire for God. God’s calling for his life became very real as he began to captivate the hearts and souls of people of all ages across the world through the fine arts. He is the creator of intertwining twirl flags with the hip-hop culture, introducing a new anointing in flag ministry. Pastor Joe and wife Joy are currently Youth Pastors of there on Youth Ministry called The A located in Orlando, FL. He is the founder of EXA (Exhance.Xtreme.Arts) A Flag/Dance Team. Recently Pastor Joe has Graduated from Film School and has started a production company named JB2 Productions. A production company dedicated to producing film, theater, and fine arts.

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Derek Boyce

A Florida native, Derek found his niche in stirring up the gifts in children and youth, both at home and abroad. Whether it’s acting, dancing, singing, eating, playing sports, or spurring others on, Derek loves it all! At the Family Church where he grew up, he’s known as the friendly, barefoot, hairy guy who resembles Jesus. That’s Derek’s heart—to look like His Savior and encourage others to do the same.

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Tal Zentmeyer

Tal is an alternative Artist from Tampa, FL who uses the combination of thought provoking lyrics with a wide array musical genres backing him up. Tal’s music speaks to all ages, and deals with real life relatable issues that people deal with on a regular basis. His goal with his music is go inspire people to live a lives that speak louder than just words.